Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mobile Phones: Luxury or Necessity…?

In earlier days, mobile phones in India were regarded as prestige icons. Quite a few people used to own cell phones. The key target crowd was that of working men. On the other hand, these days, they have been progressed from being just a prestige icon to a daily inevitable object. Today, we can easily find of small kids in their early teens only owing a personal handset. Or be it housewives or older people almost everyone have their own private mobile handset.

This increase in the number of consumers of the mobile phones in India has buoyant numerous of network providers in attracting to this business and become the part of one of the largest telecom industry by offering telecom services. The contest is so intense that each of the service providers tries their level to the optimum to serve the best plans and packages to the users. Reliance, Vodafone IN, Tata Docomo, Airtel, MTS, BSNL/MTNL are the only some of the renowned service providers of India. Moreover, there are a large number of manufacturer companies selling handsets such as Nokia, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, StarGSM, Samsung, Lava, Micromax etc. Some are the new entrants to this industry and few are the established names, the sales of their products depend upon their features and brand value as well. But the demand is so-huge that even the new players are able to survive in the fierce competition in the industry.

Other than the call making and text sending uses, cell phones are so in due to various other user requirements that these gadgets comfortably fulfill. MP3 players, Internet Services, GPS, FM Radio, Digital Camera, Social networking, etc. are all such features which have put the cell phones in trend. Instead of providing all these service, one can easily own the cheap mobile phones in India. The services of a mobile have also advanced into banking services, paying online bills, booking e-tickets for travel on train and airlines, booking movie tickets, surfing the internet for various other uses. The beginning of 3G services gives a complete innovative aspect to the mobile handsets in India. Along with all other advantages it also facilitates the user to watch TV on their handset device. 

On the whole, Mobile handsets in India today are mainly regarded as a medium of convenience that allows the consumer to carry out all his day to day activities at a single go without any obstacles no issue with respect to area and availability. Some people who have the passion for technology also get the chance to choose those phones that facilitate them to use all the technicalities that they require to do. Also, the reduced prices and all these amazing fancy services have resulted in a move where every individual has minimum of one mobile phone for himself/ herself.

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